Academy of Site Team Visitors (Academy)

There are currently 48 members of the CCE Academy of Site Team Visitors. Academy members are recommended for service by the Council Site Team Academy Committee in accordance with CCE Policy and approved for three year term of service by the Council. Members are regularly evaluated throughout their term of service and re- evaluated by the Council Site Team Academy Committee and the Council at the end of their terms for reconsideration for future assignment. The Academy is comprised of individuals qualified to review institutions of higher education in one or more of the following categories; Mission/Purpose, Planning, and Assessment; Ethics and Integrity; Governance and Administration; Resources; Faculty; Student/Resident Support Services; Student Admissions/Resident Selection; Educational Program for the DCP and the Meta-Competencies; Educational Program for Residents; Research and Scholarship; Service; Distance and Correspondence Education, Duty Hours, and Completion Designation.

Chair, Council Site Team Academy Committee:
Timothy A. Gross, D.C.

Michael T. Anderson, D.C.
Sean J. Anglim, CPA
Robert F. Appleyard, Ph.D.
Reza Badiee, M.S., MBA
Deborah A. Barr, Sc.D
Sheri H. Barrett, Ed.D.
Julia Bartlett, D.C.
Eric S. Blumenthal, MBA
Karen Bobak, D.C., Ed.D
Patrick B. Bodnar, D.C.
William H. Borman, Ph.D.
Michael, Ciolfi, D.C.
Christopher Coulis, D.C.
Daniel Conway, D.C.
Renee M. DeVries, D.C.
Scott Donaldson, D.C.
Beth Donohue, M.S., D.C.
Kathleen M. Galligan, D.C.
Bart Green, D.C.
Timothy A. Gross, D.C.
Andrea G. Haan, D.C.
Kevin D. Hagerty, D.C.
Jana Holwick, Ph.D.     
Scott E. Kilmer, D.C.
James T. Knudsen, D.C.
Laura C. Lamm, D.C.
Kathleen Linaker, D.C., Ph.D.
Celia Maguire, D.C.
Sean Mathers, D.C.
Jason G. Napuli, D.C.
Denise C. Natale, D.C.
Karen L. Numeroff, D.C.
David R. Odiorne, D.C.
Kimberly Paddock-O’Reily, D.H.Ed
Georgina M. Pearson, MBBS
Robert E. Percuoco, D.C.
Muriel M. Perillat, D.C.
Kristina L. Petrocco-Napuli, D.C.
Joseph E. Pfeifer, D.C.
Eric Russell, D.C.
Michael Sackett, D.C.
Carl W. Saubert, IV, Ph.D.
Gary D. Schultz, D.C.
Robert Scott, D.C., Ph.D.
Charles A. Simpson, D.C.
Maxine Stewart, D.C.
Robert A. Walker, Ph.D.
Michael R. Wiles, D.C.

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